GIS Services Company India
GIS Outsourcing, GIS Mapping India, GIS services India, Remote sensing services like image processing and image classification
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
DimensionI GIS: Mapping and services Outsourcing Dimensioni
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
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GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India

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Dimension I GIS is internationally acclaimed firm known for our innovative techniques and accurate details regarding geological remote sensing. We specialize in remote sensing, image interpretation and land cover classification with satellite imaging techniques.

Remote Sensing is a branch of science used to take measurements of earth without making actual contact and with the use of sensors placed on satellites. Sensors collect the information in the form of geographical images and enables manipulation, analysis and visualization. These instruments are integrated in GIS software. In this system information is transmitted in the form of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). EMR is a type of energy form that is produced after it strikes a particular matter.

We have a complete knowledge of all necessary elements to conceptualize an ideal GIS and remote sensing system. And we make a thorough use of this knowledge; our GIS application system is integrated with advanced software like geological information database, which helps a lot in tracking down the mishappenings at any corner of the world. We are producing a variety of services by using GIS and remote sensing with comprehensive and limited description according to the requirements.
  • AGRICULTURE-Hybrid classification techniques map variety of crops by using NDVI slicing and spectral signatures collected during GPS aided field survey. Crop acreage and product estimates are done to support exporters. So that they can plan their prices and quality control plans. Technicians have experience in mapping wheat, paddy, basmati rice, tea, sugarcane by the use of satellite data like LISS III, LISS IV, MODIS, NOAA, Radarsat, AWiFS.
  • COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY-Being experienced in producing data for telecom sector, we deliver satellite images at various resolution ranging between 0.61m to 250m. We even provide digital city models with integrated information like height and properties like type of land cover with the use of high resolution images for sight studies and micro cellular network applications.
  • BANKING AND INSURANCE- You would give provision of services in the field of property and agriculture insurance. We also offer health and stress monitoring of crops which is done by the use of multi-temporal satellite images and versatile data is deduced on scientific basis to support insurance companies.
  • FORESTRY- We offer services in mapping and changed detection study of land cover under green belt. Classification techniques based on knowledge are used to carry out forest classification, species level and mapping of natural resources. NDVI, GPS and LAI supportive field surveys are taken in consideration to carry out studies like carbon emission, wood stock assessment etc.
  • OTHER SERVICES- We even give the provision of value added services to our valuable clients. We have developed multiple in-house procedures and techniques to produce quality resolution merged data and create seamless satellite mosaics. It has also got the capability to make synthetic blue band from false color composite image and to create Natural Color Composite.
Dimension I is also involved in creation of databases at versatile scales by the use of satellite images at various resolution for Environmental Impact Study.

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GIS Services Company India

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