GIS Services Company India
Parcel Mapping Services India, Cadastral Tax Land Mapping Solutions, COGO based Parcel Map Conversion
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
DimensionI GIS: Cadastre and Parcel Mapping services Dimensioni
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
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GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India

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We have the skills required to deliver a successful cadastral mapping project. Our technicians have proven exceptional functionality parcel mapping. Numerous parcels are converted digitally in GIS system format. To create digital parcel maps from paper analogue maps, data has to be loaded in digital format and it has to be formatted in vectorized form. There are several ways to perform this conversion:
  • Automatic vectorization.
  • Map on paper digitized manually.
  • Tracking property with global positioning system.
  • Coordinate Geometrical representation.
  • Assists in keeping official records of land surveys.
  • Helpful in administration
  • Helps in keeping records of ownership
  • Assists in evaluation of Land taxation.
Land information refers to the useful information regarding physical, natural or characteristic data in concern with water, land, air, forest etc, these land mapping solutions are essential for planning and development. Land Mapping solutions focus on land records and details of their database. These tools support the decision making and analysis.

Our teams is thoroughly professionally in dealing with every element of cadastral mapping that includes creation of GIS database, COGO assembly to CAD digitization. Software required for digital mapping solutions are:
  • Microstation
  • MapInfo
  • ArcView
  • Auto CAD mapping
  1. Pre-Processing- This includes scanning the analogue maps provided and then they are plotted accordingly and checked on the grounds of clarity.
  2. Digitization- Analogue maps are digitized on the basis of the standards set by digitization; maps are digitized and again checked for accuracy and quality check.
  3. Georeferencing- One of the crucial parts of mapping is georeferencing, this is actual registration of parcel maps according to the real dimensions; if not georeferenced; it is not possible to display any other information on the map.
  4. Quality Control- The digitized maps are tested on the basis of text attributes symbolic representation etc.
  5. Creating dimensional files and plots-The team must check the inaccuracies caused, they must match the boundaries of the map with the original source; parcel identification, numerals are specified along or not, layers are consistent and parallel or not.
  6. Map matching for positioning systems- coordinate, time and data of the current position are obtained, and previous and future positions are estimated and stored in the positional data.

We provide customized solutions regarding your personalized needs. We are leaders in providing GIS and mapping services and our list for parcel mapping services include:
  • Scanning and mapping
  • COGO mapping
  • Digitization from GIS databases
  • Cadastral Integration
  • Land Information Maintenance.
  • Preparing GIS standards for user needs.

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GIS Services Company India

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