GIS Services Company India
GIS Outsourcing, GIS India, Outsource GIS Mapping India, GIS Services India, GIS Solutions Company India
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
DimensionI GIS: Mapping and Services Outsourcing GIS Outsourcing, Outsource GIS Mapping, GIS Solutions Company, GIS India, GIS Services India
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
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GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India
GIS Services Company India

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GIS services, GIS mapping data, GIS mapping for water utilities, GIS mapping in forestry
Does your company provide services to firms in foreign countries?

We don't restrict our services that limits GIS operations to the world. We communicate through Internet, Messengers and if required make international calls as suitable to our clients. We are not bound by the barrier of language and consult with language lab for uninterrupted communication. We are experienced in dealing with foreign projects.

What is the procedure employed by your company for communication?

We focus on communication of information with the clients. Project Manager is thoroughly responsible for communicating clearly, effectively and at relevant times. Continuous communication will be done with modern means like, email, Net meeting, audio-video conference, remote access to your server etc.

What points must the customers keep in mind while choosing an offshore location?

  • Language differences.
  • Political stability of the nation.
  • Infrastructure of the organization.
  • Uncertain legal formalities.
  • Secrecy of information.
  • Time zone difference.
  • Managing foreign resources and projects.

What is Dimension India all about?

Dimension India basically provides total business solutions to organization who require web presence. We provide services in the realms of CAD, GIS and WEB since 1999. We are multi service IT consultancy company which provides cost effective solutions and quality services in time. Our strength is the domestic and international experience in GIS and allied projects.

What is the Educational and Professional background of the Advisors/Consultants in your company?

Our professionals at job are drawn from engineering and applied sciences background. They are certified in the disciplines like computer sciences, civil engineering, electronic and mining engineering, town planning, agricultural sciences, remote sensing and geography. Our group of Consultants or the project incharges hold at least 10 years of experience in their field of specialization.

What is your procedure of working on outsourcing projects?

We go through unique process to ensure your outsourcing success. We have a holistic approach that goes beyond cost saving to quality assured work. We analyze the situation and study your requirements then we deploy our business outsourcing tactics to ensure successful solutions for your firm's expansion of business.

We employ a knowledge transfer method to assure transparent transition of offshore projects. We provide regular feed backs of the progress of your project.

Does the company has proper infrastructure to support the projects?

The official premises are technically equipped with all important electronic equipments, moreover all employees work on P4 machines. We even have operational head quarters at different locations on the globe. We are a debt-free organization and sign contracts/agreements for sure.

How do you ensure the secrecy of data required during the project?

  • Our premises are equipped with surveillance cameras.
  • Only bona fide employees have the access to our building, as they enter through badge access system
  • Our PCs and emails are password protected.
  • Systems do not possess external storage devices like floppy, CD drive and USB Storage devices.
  • Anti virus software is implemented at both client and server level.

How would GIS outsourcing support my business?

GIS supports your business to increase productivity, effective market share or sales and marketing. Thus the use of mapping services can bring dynamic difference in growing business. Relying on guesswork can only result in expensive mistakes. In addition to providing you the details of the situation it even allows you to get the insight of changes afterwards.

Does your lower prices mean that your hosting is not updated as compared to other similar companies?

We produce added services at a much cheaper package but that doesn't mean that we do not offer proper facilities to our customers. We cater our clients with quality high tech solutions at reasonable prices. Once you give us the opportunity to work with you and you will know that we use sense and technology while at work.

How do you assure quality for my project?

According to our policy of quality assurance, we aim to provide our projects with high quality services at reasonable prices to meet the requirement of our valuable customers by ensuring a consistent customer relationship with the clients.

We complete the provided task within the given deadline and all other requirements of projects like development, training, documentation and maintenance are carefully analyzed and monitored.

What are the costs of your services and mode of payment?

The price depends on the type of project and, the attention and experience involvement it requires. For simple process of payments we have arrangements of banking facilities all over India through which you can transfer payments to our accounts.

Who will handle the project- me or the project manager?

We offer the management powers in the hand of our client, that means you can supervise and handle the project personally. But if you feel the need of a project manager, you can hire the professional who will perform your task.

How do you present your GIS data?

Depending upon the requirement of our clients, we produce various forms of presentations like for utility mapping data ranging from locate sheets for simple conditions or as digital drawings in CD form for extensive investigation.

Can I get professional support for services my project requires?

Yes, we provide technical support of professionals required by our clients.

Whom do you target for your GIS services?

We target experienced GIS professionals who know exactly what GIS and geospatial products they need. We provide them with the appropriate services and products that suits their needs.

Why more and more companies are outsourcing in India?

India has back to back supply of experienced, qualified, technically literate and fluent English speaking manpower resources. The salary rates are favorable as compared to other nations. The work force readily provides day and night services and this has made India the centre of attraction for offshore companies.

What benefits can we gain by outsourcing to Dimension I?

  • Cost advantage with quality assurance
  • Well defined structure.
  • We are certified for data conversion and GIS services.
  • Perfect communication services.
  • Fast access to information.

How do we send you the images or date for the project?

  • Usually we create an FTP area on our local server for each project to be carried out FTP rights of that particular area will be provided to you. You can upload all the necessary images or data.
  • The required data and images can be sent across with your email id.
  • And if possible for you then you can provide us with the electronic copy of the images, you can send it to us by regular couriers.

How much time you devote to any project?

The schedule time required depends on the size and complexity of the project. We provide you with the expected time frame in which we will complete the project. We have executed project ranging from 500 hours to 5000 hours.

What if, I need some changes in the project?

Change requests are handled on the basis of:

  • The stage of the project.
  • Complexity or implementation of design.

What are the other fields of services that your company offers?

We also specialize in producing Web designing, development, Web promotion and Cad Drafting services to our clients. Our competency traits enable us to work towards producing innovative business solutions. Our WEB and CAD team is extensively experienced with all latest technical knowledge to give competition to the counterparts in the global market.

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